The firm seeks to reposition properties through tightening operational inefficiencies, deploying innovative property technology, moderate-to-extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Established as a premiere multifamily investment firm with investment sourcing, structuring, execution and asset management capabilities, TM1 is a highly skilled and deeply focused real estate investment manager with the flexibility to scale and cater to investor preferences.

TM1 Properties assumes a fiduciary approach to acquisitions and management of U.S. multifamily real estate investment opportunities. Our process is guided by a solid foundation of investment principles, comprehensive approach to every facet of the investment lifecycle, and the extensive ‘hands-on’ expertise of TM1’s investment professionals.

From broad market research to investment sourcing to execution and eventual realization of full returns, each TM1 professional champions the values and rigors of the group’s investment process. TM1 takes an assertive approach to asset management, which commands value creation and rapid de-risking of investments at the asset level and within the capital structure. The investment team leverages its vast experience to govern each investment to maximize proceeds through execution and tactical, timely disposition.

TM1 Properties, the manager, seeks to achieve the stated objectives. There can be no guarantee the objectives will be met.

Process Lifecycle