You are invited to join TM1 Properties in purchasing 3 apartment communities, totaling 180-unit in Houston, TX. A 506(c) offering only for Accredited Investors.

All locations are less than 10 minutes away from downtown Houston and 20 minutes away from the Texas Medical Center which employs over 100,000 people.

Will be acquired at a purchase price that reflects a significant discount from pre-COVID pricing expectations.

Presents a clear repositioning opportunity due to the growing economy in Houston and the proximity to recently-built Class A properties.

180 units              4.32% rent growth over the last year (even during Co-VID)         17.2% expected pop. growth in 10 yrs

Maximum Investment: $3,465,000

Minimum Investment:  $50,000

Target 5-year Exit Plan

We offer Class B Limited Partners:

  • Projected quarterly distributions and participate in the potential upside of the sale.
  • Projected average 12.66% investor cash-on-cash return