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Interview of Amy Tiemann, CEO of TM1 Properties regarding the challenges of multifamily real estate investing.   Click below to listen to the interview! https://myersmethods.buzzsprout.com/971563/5332078-down-to-20-occupancy-amy-tiemann

Navigating the challenges of multifamily investments

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Amy Tiemann is a multi-family investor and consultant, and President of TM1 Properties. She was recently featured in Forbes, with a piece on due diligence in multifamily investing. In the below interview we get to know Amy, her whirlwind journey into real estate investing and property management, and her views on proptech and importance of proactive maintenance. […]

Motili Interview Series: Amy Tiemann, President, and CEO, TM1 Properties

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1. Be Quick And Agile In market upheavals, you must be very quick to act. How do you attain quickness? Information and quick decision making. You need to be plugged into great sources prior to any incident happening. Building out a network of advisors that you trust beforehand so that you are prepared is essential […]

14 Smart Strategies For Protecting Property Investments During A Market Upheaval

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An old saying states that a rising tide raises all ships. While many homeowners aren’t concerned with the state of home equity, maybe they should pay more attention to it. Home equity isn’t just a metric to make real estate professionals more money. Instead, it’s also a measure of the buying power that your home […]

10 Ways Homeowners Can Capitalize On Rising Home Equity

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If you’re looking to buy or sell property, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how the real estate market operates. However, diving headfirst into it can be intimidating for non-professionals. With so much information available and constantly changing, laypeople can easily become overwhelmed if they don’t know where to start looking. Fortunately, you […]

14 Easy Ways For Non-Industry Experts To Track Real Estate Trends

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If you’re investing in property, you’ll need accurate real estate valuations to make profitable decisions. However, making these assessments yourself can be difficult. Each property’s unique features, such as location or amenities, will impact its value. Overall market trends, such as supply and demand, will also change that number. As some of the top industry […]

16 Ways To Effectively Assess The Value Of Your Real Estate Investment

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Expert Panel®Forbes Councils Member Forbes Real Estate Council COUNCIL POST| Membership (fee-based)Real EstatePOST WRITTEN BYExpert Panel, Forbes Real Estate CouncilSuccessful executives in the real estate industry from Forbes Real Estate Council share firsthand tips & insights. If you’re new to real estate, you’re probably eager to get into the action and gain some experience. However, you don’t […]

New To Real Estate Investing? 16 Simple Ways To Get Your Feet Wet

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Due diligence in acquiring a multifamily asset is sometimes more art than science. Ask any multifamily broker, and they will tell you the multitude of strategies regarding the processes of due diligence that different investors use. At a minimum, due diligence should include a financial review, lease audit, certificate of occupancy status check, contract review […]

Multifamily Due Diligence: Eight Things Most Investors Miss

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Buying real estate is one of the biggest purchases a person can make–and how you handle that purchase can make or break your future return on investment. With such high stakes, it’s easy to feel stressed about the complicated negotiation process. To relieve that burden, we turned to members of Forbes Real Estate Council for their advice. […]

Here’s How To Navigate The Real Estate Negotiation Process Like A Pro

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Branching out into real estate investment is an exciting opportunity, and if done thoughtfully, can turn a tidy profit for investors. However, this opportunity also comes with risks that can be financially detrimental. Investing in real estate requires research, a strong knowledge base and careful consideration before jumping into it. To that end, we asked […]

Looking For Your First Investment Property? Follow These 13 Expert Tips

meet the mind behind TM1...

Amy Tiemann

Amy’s first multifamily investment was in 2010. Amy and her husband became active in multifamily investing and real estate investing, while managing their construction business. By 2017 Amy went out on her own. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, Amy brings a well rounded perspective to the company. A graduate in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University, Amy is able to collaborate cross functionally in order to bring an unrivaled service level to her properties. 

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