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    Focused on repositioning, building value and rebranding multifamily assets to provide the highest return for our investors.

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    180 units
    4.32% rent growth over the last year (even during Co-VID)
    17.2% expected pop. growth in 10 yrs
    Maximum Investment: $3,465,000
    Minimum Investment:  $50,000
    Target 5-year Exit Plan


Meet Amy Tiemann

  • Former HR in Fortune 500 Tech companies

  • Former General Contractor

  • Real Estate Investor since 2008

  • Full-time Multifamily Investor and Manager since 2015

  • Invested in over 8 MF properties, 805 units

  • Most investment experience in C-class, reposition value-play opportunities

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Diverse Financial Expertise

  • Tax Shelters and
    Bonus Depreciation

    Real estate provides tax advantages that no other investment provides.  Savvy investors include real estate as an asset in their portfolios.

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  • Investment Growth and Strategy

    You make money three ways by investing in real estate – cash flow, appreciation and equity capture.  There is no other investment that allows for multiple ways to acquire wealth.

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  • Competitive, Risk-Adjusted Returns

    Investing in real estate is also unique in the fact that the returns are bolster by its ability to use leverage and act as a hedge against inflation.  Real estate returns vary, depending on factors such as location, asset class, and management, that’s why it is important to choose an experienced partner to invest with.

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The right tools for modern business

  • Front-end Technology

    We have a full-suite of automation technology that markets and leases our properties.  Using the power of AI, the leasing function is 24/7 at the convenience of the prospective tenant.

  • Always Online

    Technology has also transformed the tenant experience.  Once a nice-to-have, the ability to send a request and follow-up communication digitally is being demanded by younger generations.

  • Back-end Technology

    We have built a maintenance platform that allows for the most efficient use of our maintenance technician’s time.  The systems assists in diagnosis, inventory control, and physical asset management.

How can we help your portfolio grow?

Listen to an interview of our founder on how she views asset management.