deal identification

we use our expertise to vet through every deal so that the deals we do identify have passed our rigorous investment criteria and due diligence.


we believe the more sunshine the better – so all of our financials are third-party audited to ensure the greatest transparency for investors.


we honor your investment by communicating regularly with updates on improvements and performance.


we will provide you with unprecedented access to the deal sponsor and asset manager.

voting rights

we feel that all partners have a stake in the investment and therefore have the rights to vote on certain major events in the deal lifecycle.

our investor satisfaction agreement 

TM1 Awards

TM1 Awards

TM1 Awards

TM1 Awards

why invest in real estate?

Tax Shelters and Bonus Depreciation

Real estate provides tax advantages that no other investment provides. Savvy investors include real estate as an asset in their portfolios.

Investment Growth and Strategy

You make money three ways by investing in real estate – cash flow, appreciation and equity capture. There is no other investment that allows for multiple ways to acquire wealth.

Competitive, Risk-Adjusted Returns

Investing in real estate is also unique in the fact that the returns are bolstered by its ability to use leverage and act as a hedge against inflation. Real estate returns vary, depending on factors such as location, asset class, and management. That’s why it is important to choose an experienced partner to invest with.

invest now

THE right tools for modern business


We have a full-suite of automation technology that markets and leases our properties. Using the power of AI, the leasing function is 24/7 at the convenience of the prospective tenant.

ALways online

Technology has also transformed the tenant experience. Once a nice-to-have, the ability to send a request and follow-up communication digitally is being demanded by younger generations.

back end technology

We have built a maintenance platform that allows for the most efficient use of our maintenance technician’s time. The systems assists in diagnosis, inventory control, and physical asset management.

meet the mind behind TM1...

Amy Tiemann

Amy’s first multifamily investment was in 2010. Amy and her husband became active in multifamily investing and real estate investing, while managing their construction business. By 2017 Amy went out on her own. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, Amy brings a well rounded perspective to the company. A graduate in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University, Amy is able to collaborate cross functionally in order to bring an unrivaled service level to her properties. 

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